ul. rtm. W. Pileckiego 65
02-781 Warszawa

KRS: 0000113064
NIP: 526-030-05-17
REGON: 012105474

Monday – Friday,

from 08.00 A.M. till 06.00 P.M.
from a landline phone:
0 801 500 207
from a landline or mobile phone:
(+48) 22 545 55 55

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About KIR

KIR is a key entity of the Polish payment system infrastructure, which renders complex clearing services and provides top quality solutions meeting the needs and expectations of the banking and payment sectors. It actively works towards using innovative technologies extending the offer of the banks. It actively participates in the works related to increasing the digitalization level of the country. It has been supporting the development of cashless and electronic processes in the economy for 25 years.

KIR's activity is based on four main pillars:

  • ensuring complete and reliable interbank clearing in PLN and EUR;
  • providing services supporting cashless payments, e.g. card, mobile, Internet payments and convenient invoice payments;
  • providing common services and R&D for the banking sector;
  • providing services supporting participation of the banking sector in the programs for public administration.

KIR builds its position of the leader through maintenance of the highest standards of interbank clearing safety, entering the card transactions clearing market, participation in the initiatives of the Digital Poland program as well as providing common services and playing a role of the sector R&D center for the banks.

In 2018 KIR received IT@Bank awards in Product of the Year category for three projects carried out at KIR: the durable medium service implemented on the basis of blockchain technology, the STIR system enabling tax crime prevention thanks to using big data analysis, and the mechanism of VAT split payment. In 2019, during the XIV Congress of the Electronic Economy, KIR received the title Partner of the Year.