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KIR Strategy

Digital Acceleration – KIR Strategy for 2017-2019


We are a key entity of the Polish payment system and banking sector infrastructure, supporting the development of cashless and digital processes in economy.


We will maintain our key position in the Polish payment system by providing comprehensive, safe and reliable clearing services.

We will also participate in responding to the challenges, the Polish banking sector is facing in the dynamically changing world, by providing high quality services meeting the needs and expectations of the sector. In cooperation with banks and the public sector, we will continue to actively contribute to the development of cashless trade in Poland and support the use of innovative digital technologies in order to create solutions, expanding the banking sector offer and increasing the digital awareness and quality of life of Poles.




Press release / February 17, 2017

KIR focuses on digital acceleration. New strategy for 2017-2019

"Digital Acceleration" is a propeller of KIR’s new strategy for 2017-2019. The company’s priorities for the upcoming years include modification of the current offer and development of new solutions responding to the demand of the banking sector, active participation in works related to the execution of the country digitization program, as well as initiation and execution of projects increasing digital awareness of Poles.

The new strategy provides maintaining the key role of KIR in supporting the effective functioning of the Polish payment system via its standard services, building the position of animator of changes in the banking sector and of an active public administration partner in the digital transformation process. This approach is the company’s response to the long-term challenges the Polish banking sector faces and to the changing model of the economic development in Poland.

"When developing the strategy for the following three years, we assumed that in the context of new regulations, inviting the competition from outside of the banking sector, as well as the growing role of fintechs, applying the ‘fast forward’ mode would be an optimal solution. This is why we developed the <<strategy of digital acceleration>>," explains Piotr Alicki, the President of the KIR Management Board. "For the last 25 years we have been creating standards that serve banks in Poland, continuously focusing on innovations and self-improvement. We base on solid competences and trust on the part of the sector, gained by our proven reliability".

The pillars that the new strategy is based on include acting as the sectoral center of innovation for shared services and the R&D center for the banking environment, as well as supporting the sector in the execution of tasks resulting from the "Cashless Paperless Poland" program. "We are preparing projects enhancing the acceleration of the services digitalization process and we plan to implement them in the near future. They include, i.a., creation of the banking eID hub - a solution that will allow the sector to act as a new provider of identification means for commercial and public services, trust services related to it - including electronic signature in the cloud, as well as developing solutions that help banks to adjust to the PSD2 requirements and that support cybersecurity of the sector. Our ambition is to accept co-responsibility for the implementation of the digitalized Poland concept," says Piotr Alicki.

Within the scope of cashless payments, KIR will focus on the development and popularization of Express Elixir – the system designed for clearing instant payments, commercialization of Inkart – the clearing system for card payments executed locally, development of Paybynet system and Qlik (based on Invoobill systems), as well as gaining a leading role in the field of identity verification in the Internet.

Execution of the projects included in the Strategy requires a major organization adjustment to fit the assumed business objectives, therefore KIR will invest in resources and competences, in particular in the IT and R&D areas. "We intend to act as a technological leader of changes in the sector. The offer provided by KIR will enhance competitiveness and effectiveness of banks. We would like the modern services of the highest quality, as well as conscious social engagement, to represent KIR’s identity", adds Piotr Alicki.