What is mojeID?

mojeID is a secure tool confirming identity online. It enables the completion of all formalities that previously required the personal authentication of data by electronic means. Thanks to mojeID there is no need to go to an office, insurer, energy supplier, medical facility or telecommunication company to finalize a contract or sign documents.

mojeID is a solution that makes life much easier. With a few clicks one’s identity can be securely verified, without one having to get up from the couch, in the comfort of one’s own home, on any device and at a convenient time.


Opportunities offered by mojeID

  • Confirmation of identity

In a fast and safe way, along with the transfer of reliable data describing it (e.g. name, surname, PESEL, date of birth) for the purpose of concluding a contract or logging in for the first time

  • Logging in to an existing account
  • Authorization of operations



  • Easier access

Easier registration and logging in with service providers.

  • Usability

The ability to use more online services or access to panels supplementing traditional services.

  • Security

A sense of security and control over data transfer thanks to a proven standard.

  • Easily accessible confirmation of identity on the Internet