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Ognivo enables secure and rapid on-line communication between the banks and entities authorized to receive information covered by banking secrecy. The application allows to significantly streamline the exchange of information between the participants of the system and to reduce the costs of communication, which was traditionally carried out via paper forms.

Why implement Ognivo?

  • savings – Ognivo eliminates paper correspondence between the banks and authorized public administration entities, which allows to reduce the costs,
  • streamlining the process of information exchange – Ognivo facilitates identification and addressing of documents to the competent entities in the banks responsible for handling certain matters,
  • compliance with the international ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard  – The KIR’s Information Security Management System with regard to the Ognivo service is certified to confirm the implementation and application of a set of requirements concerning the security of information in the organization; its individual chapters define, among others, the security policy, the classification of the organization’s assets and personal data security as well as methods for access control, development and maintenance of the system.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Certificate No. 13574

Ognivo is the only solution on the market that enables secure and rapid exchange of information between the institutions eligible to receive data of banks' clients, such as court bailiffs or tax enforcement agents and banks.

The Ognivo application consists of dedicated modules, each of which responds to the specific needs of the participants of the system. Thanks to Ognivo, the exchange of information, which until now took place in the form of paper correspondence, has been streamlined and the costs of communication between the participants have been reduced.

KIR, as the Ognivo system operator, provides the participants with a trusted communications platform. The Clearing House plays the same role in the exchange of information as the post office, where the correspondence between the bank and the client is exchanged in paper form. KIR does not have access to the data of the persons to whom the query relates or to information about bank accounts.