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Reduced costs of paper documents processing, efficient circulation of bank documents and a shorter time needed to find the right information? It is now possible thanks to eArchiwum – a solution offered by KIR, which allows archiving, processing, management and sharing of all kinds of paper and electronic bank documents.

Thanks to eArchiwum:

  • documents are organized, secure and complete,
  • documents are easily and readily accessible,
  • it is possible to effectively work with the use of the documents,
  • the costs of storage, processing and management of documents are reduced,
  • standards of storage and processing of documents are maintained,
  • compliance with the applicable legal regulations in the field of archiving documents is maintained,
  • documents are protected against damage or getting lost.

eArchiwum combines long-standing experience and knowledge of KIR to the extent of business processes in the financial sector with the know-how of modern services and technologies.

eArchiwum is a comprehensive solution designed for financial institutions, which allows to reduce the operating costs of the bank and increase its effectiveness.

It provides support for any type of bank documentation, regardless of the medium it is stored on (paper or electronic), i.e.:

  • clearing documentation,
  • credit documentation,
  • incoming and outgoing correspondence,
  • factoring documentation,
  • documentation of credit cards,
  • forms and specimen signature cards.

Sample solutions:

  • scanning of credit documentation – scanning and indexing of credit documentation, its verification and categorization, and making the results available in an ordered structure,
  • digitization of specimen signature cards – scanning of the specimen signature cards collected by the bank directly in the bank branches or in the operations centres of KIR, and making them available in electronic form,
  • handling of clearing documentation – exchange of information contained in the electronic images of clearing documents for standard electronic messages and their optional clearing with the Elixir system,
  • scanning of direct debit consents – scanning and indexing of forms of direct debit consents (and revocation of the consents) and automation of the process of feeding the Ognivo site with the obtained data,
  • electronic signing and distribution of credit agreements – implementation of the system of digital signing of contracts by one or both parties, timestamping and storing of contracts on the servers of KIR and making them available via the web portal,
  • handling of incoming and outgoing correspondence - in paper form, faxed and send by other information medium.

eArchiwum provides support for banking back-office processes in the areas of:

  • scanning of documents,
  • indexing, verification and validation of data,
  • archiving of electronic bank documentation,
  • archiving of paper bank documentation,
  • secretarial services.

It provides different combinations of selection of the functional areas and allows free configuration of each area.

KIR offers its solutions in the following models:

  • outsourcing – in which the process is transferred to KIR, while our clients are provided with the tools for gaining access to documents and controlling of the quality of work performed by KIR,
  • in-house – in which some elements of the process are carried out in whole or in part by our clients or with the use of their HR and ICT infrastructure.