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Payment instruments

Owing to the Elixir system the bank may securely exchange payment messages and clearing information in electronic form.

Apart from standard messages to effect payment order/cash payment the Elixir system also includes messages adjusted to clearing of social insurance contributions and taxes payable to revenue and customs offices. Additionally, the system also provides a set of messages to effect direct debit in the basic and B2B scheme. The Elixir system allows its participants to exchange information under the clearings effected as well as non-clearing information used for control or advertising purposes.

Messages which ensure secure payments and information exchange in the Elixir system include:

  • Clearing messages
    - messages for completion of transfer orders
    - messages for handling social insurance contribution payments
    - messages for tax payments
    - messages for completion of direct debits
    - messages for handling cash payments
    - messages for cashing cheques
  • Information messages
    - messages including credit information or complaint
    - messages including control and steering information
    - messages including any other content

The principles of preparation and exchange of messages within the Elixir system are specified in the Rules and Regulations of the Elixir System and in the Agreement on the System Participation including provisions defined in technical specification, particularly in the "Technical Specifications no 2 – The rules of creation and structure (formats) of messages exchanged in electronic clearing systems of KIR.