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The establishment of a Single Euro Payments Area – SEPA and, in the long run, Poland's entry into the euro area has a significant impact on the functioning of the national settlement system. In cooperation with banks and members of SEPA Forum Polska, KIR has taken actions aimed at adjusting the Polish interbank settlement system to the new standards.

The first stage was to make available the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT), the pan-European transfer order, to participants in the Euro Elixir system in January 2008. A SEPA transfer must meet specific conditions – e.g. it is made in EUR currency within countries belonging to the SEPA area (EU + Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino). Currently, the vast majority of pan-European transfers in euro – amounting to more than 19 billion every year – are made as SEPA transfers. This happens because the rules of making bank transfers in euro are exactly the same regardless of the fact whether the funds are transferred between two accounts located in the same country or in two different countries. The increasing digitization of the world economy leads to the fact that SEPA bank transfers are becoming a popular payment method.

SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) is a second European instrument whose implementation is supposed to facilitate adjusting the Polish interbank settlement system to the new standards. As in the case of a SEPA transfer order, specific conditions need to be met for SDD as well – e.g. making the transfer in EUR currency within countries belonging to the SEPA area. SEPA direct debits also have many advantages for consumers, including an automated transaction, avoiding the risk of missing the payment date and collection of additional fees for delays in payments or incurring losses due to an interruption in services.

KIR is currently preparing the implementation of handling of SEPA Direct Debit messages in the Euro Elixir system. The date and model of SDD implementation depends, above all, on the interest of Euro Elixir system participants in that instrument.

A detailed description of the rules of the servicing of SEPA instruments is available on EPC websites.