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Invoobill is the only service in Poland that allows the bank's clients to access bills for cyclically provided mass services and to pay them directly from their on-line banking accounts. By implementing Invoobill, the bank provides its clients with innovative service, and additionally, by eliminating paper invoices, contributes to the environmental improvement

Why implement Invoobill system?

  • added value for the client – the bank can offer its clients an innovative service. It enhances the image of the institution that cares about its client, offering modern financial services, which help the client to manage its own budget.
  • higher activity and loyalty of the clients – implementation of the Invoobill service makes it easier for the on-line banking clients to make payments for services delivered periodically. Thus, instead to the portals of mass service providers, the clients log in to their bank accounts.

Invoobill is a service that allows the bank's clients to access bills for cyclically provided services and to pay them directly from their on-line banking accounts.

Invoobill supports mass payments for services such as electricity, gas, telephone or tuition at the university. From the point of view of the bank, Invoobill is an additional, convenient and innovative on-line banking functionality. Since many bills are stored in one place, the clients do not need to remember logins and passwords to electronic customer services of different providers. However, they log in to on-line banking more frequently to pay their bills.

Diagram description:

  1. A service provider (telco, power or gas distribution company, Internet service provider or cable television provider, etc.) instead of sending an envelope with a bill or invoice and other printed materials to the client, sends the documents in electronic form to KIR.
  2. KIR, being the Invoobill operator, offers services to various service providers and banks, groups the collected data and makes it available to the bank
  3. The bank presents the data received from the Invoobill system to the client via its Internet banking system.
  4. The client checks the presented data and accepts (or rejects) the payment.
  5. The bank informs KIR about the status of the processing procedure referring to a specific document, including whether the payment was accepted or rejected.
  6. KIR groups information received from the banks and transmits it to the service providers in an agreed format.
  7. The transfer of funds corresponding to the paid bills and invoices from the client’s bank to the bank of the service provider is made using standard procedures via the Elixir system or as an internal transfer.