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Description of modules

  • Module of complaints and queries – enables the electronic exchange of information on executed transfers between the banks and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) or the Poczta Polska postal service.
  • Module of monitoring of the balances of Elixir / Euro Elixir clearing systems – allows to check the bank's balances in the clearing systems of KIR The clearing balance is updated after each change.
  • Module of electronisation of direct debit consents – supports the processes associated with the acceptance or refusal of the consent (cancellation) to the debiting of the account in respect of a direct debit.
  • Module of emergency copying of BIF files – allows to export and import BIF files to/from FTP gateway from/to the next Elixir / Euro Elixir sessions in case of unavailability of the primary data transmission link.
  • Module for handling the transfer of accounts and payment services – allows for a timely, efficient and secure transfer of the clients' accounts between the existing and the new bank. It ensures unambiguity and security of the transmitted data. The module operates in accordance with the recommendation of the Polish Bank Association.
  • Module of queries about the bank accounts of debtors – allows the court bailiffs and tax enforcement agents to communicate electronically with the banks, which greatly streamlines the handling of attachments. As a result, they can quickly obtain information from the banks about the location of the accounts of the persons subject to enforcement.
  • Module for courts and Public Prosecutor’s Offices – enables bodies of the judiciary to gain access to data protected by banking secrecy, which may be used as evidence or for the purpose of establishing property collateral. Those data include among others information on accounts held in a given bank and the account balance on the day of the inquiry. Inquiries may concern legal or natural persons against whom preparatory proceedings have been launched.
  • The settlement module of Warsaw Commodity Clearing House - enables the transfer of data for the financial settlement of transactions entered into on markets of the Polish Power Exchange, between Warsaw Commodity Clearing House and banks operating current accounts of that House.