SWIFT Services Unit
Business line for inter-bank clearing

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SWIFT Service Bureau

How to get cheaper access to SWIFTNet? SWIFT Service Bureau of KIR may be the solution. It acts as a gateway between the bank (SWIFT user) and SWIFTNet, providing access to SWIFTNet using ICT infrastructure created for this purpose

Why KIR?

  • Lower bank's expenses related to the connection to SWIFTNet provided by KIR – expenses and costs related to SWIFTNet access infrastructure are shared.
  • Speed and convenience of implementation – the process of connecting to SWIFTNet is carried out by experienced experts of KIR.
  • Reliability and maximum security of connection to SWIFTNet – reliability and security are guaranteed by the KIR's infrastructure, consisting of primary and backup centre and duplicate links.
  • Bank's ability to focus on its core business activities – KIR is responsible for the management of the infrastructure, its maintenance and ongoing operational support, so that the bank does not have to spend time on it.
  • Certainty of the highest quality and reliability of services – the SWIFT Service Bureau is offered by KIR, a long-standing provider of clearing services and an institution of public trust.

KIR, using the status of the SWIFT Service Bureau, is the only company in Poland that provides banks with access to SWIFTNet - global telecommunications network, which allows to send messages to and from SWIFTNet, using the ICT infrastructure of KIR. Access to SWIFTNet via KIR can also be used as a back-up link.

KIR, as the SWIFT Service Bureau, also offers conversion services, which can be used when the back-office application of the bank does not support the SWIFT MT/MX formats or supports them only partially. They allow transformation between proprietary and SWIFT formats (MT, MX), extending the content of messages and data mapping.

KIR, as the SWIFT Service Bureau, offers a common system ground in the form of SWIFT Alliance Access, SWIFT Alliance WebPlatform, SWIFT Alliance Gateway and the converter (IPLA).

Methods of connecting to the SWIFT Service Bureau:

  1. Leased line between a bank and a SWIFT Service Bureau.
  2. Encrypted "Gateway to Gateway" Internet connection.


What are the benefits offered by the SWIFT Service Bureau?

  • lower cost compared to other methods of access to SWIFTNet,
  • additional financial services provided by the SWIFT Service Bureau,
  • unlimited possibilities of development: financial institutions can build their own systems and applications using the standards offered by SWIFT,
  • 24/7 availability combined with the highest level of data transfer security,
  • ability to automate handling of transactions through the conversion of proprietary formats to SWIFT formats, without the need to introduce changes to the back-office applications (conversion services – additional offer of the SWIFT Service Bureau),
  • two independent configured ICT centres allowing to use SWIFTNet for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
  • assistance and technical support for implemented solutions,
  • training for users of the products offered by the Service Bureau.