SWIFT Services Unit
Business line for inter-bank clearing

phone: (+48) 22 545 53 04

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Access to SORBNET2

KIR, as the SWIFT Service Bureau, provides the bank with access to SWIFTNet and enables the exchange of payment orders and informational messages with the SORBNET2 clearing system.

Depending on the bank application, the SORBNET2 system can be accessed in two modes:

  • Application–to–Application (A2A) – when the bank application enables automated sending and receiving of MT and MX messages on the SWIFTNet,
  • User–to–Application (U2A) – when MT messages are handled directly from the workstation on which the WebPlatform user is defined.

Within the SWIFTNet the following services and types of messages are used:

  • exchange of payment orders and informational messages – MT messages, FIN and FIN Copy service,
  • monitoring and management of the account in A2A mode – XML messages, InterAct, FileAct services.

Both modes can be used simultaneously.