SWIFT Services Unit
Business line for inter-bank clearing

phone: (+48) 22 545 53 04

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Access to TARGET2

The service enables the bank, as a direct participant in the TARGET2 system, access to the integrated technical Single Shared Platform of the TARGET2 system.

As part of the service, the following SWIFT communication services are made available:

  • SWIFTNet FIN and FIN Copy – used for transmission of payment and settlement messages,
  • SWIFTNet FileAct – used for distribution and updating of the TARGET2 directory and transmission of reports,
  • SWIFTNet InterAct – allows to exchange messages between the participant and the TARGET2 system in real time to monitor credit risk, manage liquidity and provide security,
  • SWIFT WebAccess – enables secure, web-based access to the TARGET2 service and provides access to the ICM module via a web browser. Allows participants to verify information on current liquidity, monitor the payment queue and the system status.