SWIFT Services Unit
Business line for inter-bank clearing

phone: (+48) 22 545 53 04

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Back-up access

KIR may act as an intermediary in the electronic transmission of messages from the bank's seat to SWIFTNet in case of failure of access infrastructure used to exchange financial information with clearing systems (SORBNET2, TARGET2, Elixir, Euro Elixir) and within the so-called correspondent banking.

KIR provides the SWIFT Service Bureau infrastructure that allows to use all the data transfer mechanisms in SWIFTNet, such as FIN, FileAct, InterAct and WebAccess.

Sending messages to SORBNET2/TARGET2 and correspondent banking systems

The messages created in the bank are sent to the SWIFT Service Bureau through:

  • dedicated link operating within Extranet,
  • "Gateway to Gateway" Internet connection, encrypted based on CISCO router and IPSEC protocol.

The connection and its bandwidth are selected by the bank, which also bears all costs related to its use.

KIR provides its clients with the SWIFT Alliance Access interface, so that the client's messages loaded from the business systems are automatically sent to SWIFTNet. The SAA application is equipped with Automated File Transfer allowing to exchange files with messages between the client's business applications and SAA.

The client's business system places files to be sent in appropriate directory on the SFTP server, and then, in accordance with the established rules of routing of messages in SWIFTNet, the messages are automatically sent to SWIFT. In the routing rules, in addition to sending messages to SWIFTNet, you can also specify the method of printing of all or a specified group of messages on a printer at the client's premises. Copies of the messages in the text version can also be saved in the so-called Archive for later use.

Similarly, incoming files from SWIFTNet are, in an automated method defined by routing rules, stored in an appropriate directory on the SFTP server with the option to be automatically printed or sent to the business system.

Transmission of transactions to the Elixir / Euro Elixir system:

  • KIR allows the bank to transfer transactions addressed to the Elixir / Euro Elixir system using SWIFTNet.
  • Transactions are sent to/from the Elixir / Euro Elixir system via the bank's SWIFT infrastructure and SWIFTNet in the form of files using FileAct communication protocol.

The service requires the bank's registration with MI-CUG KIR and the use of Bulk Payments (SnF) by KIR.