SWIFT Services Unit
Business line for inter-bank clearing

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Conversion services

Conversion services offered by KIR are applicable when the back-office application of the client does not support the SWIFT MT/MX formats or supports them only partially. They enable automation of handling of transactions sent from/to the back-office applications to/from SWIFTNet by providing an integration platform under the SWIFT Service Bureau infrastructure.

As part of the offered integration services KIR allows to:

  • transform data between proprietary and SWIFT formats (MT, MX),
  • aggregate and disaggregate messages,
  • control duplicate messages,
  • validate transactional data in accordance with the criteria set by the client/SWIFT rules,
  • map data,
  • expand the content of messages,
  • copy data to directories for external processing,
  • encrypt transmitted data,
  • monitor the status of the sent and received business data from business application to/from SWIFT,
  • configure and manage connections to one or more business applications using the files.

The conversion services allow automation of handling of any transactions transmitted between the back-office application and other systems (correspondent banking/SORBNET2/TARGET2) by using of an integration module (IPLA) provided under the SWIFT Service Bureau infrastructure of KIR.