Szafir Digital Signature Support Centre

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fax: (+48) 22 545 55 99
hotline: 0 801 500 207

Branches and points of collection

If you have any further questions regarding the product, please contact us. We will make every effort to respond to your questions as soon as possible.


KIR is an experienced certification centre. For many years, our non-qualified certificates have been used to authenticate transactions sent via Elixir, the interbank clearing system. Every day banks use these necessary tools to ensure the security of messages and to send information via the Ognivo system within the bank and to other banks or authorized institutions. 

Why buy our set for the qualified Szafir digital signature?

  • availability – the largest network of its own branches in Poland, thanks to which each bank has easy access to services related to the digital signature, including professional consulting services,
  • convenience – KIR works with more than 700 entities delivering sets for the digital signature creation (qualified certificates), therefore, they can be collected all over Poland,
  • simple procedures – the simplest procedure of delivering the sets for digital signatures, which considerably shortens the time of the solution implementation in the bank,
  • legal capacity – KIR is entered to the register kept by the Ministry of Economy as a qualified provider of certification services,
  • flexibility of selling:
  • KIR offers an option to purchase digital signature both on-line and in the branch or from its partner, which allows the bank to choose the method which is in conformity with the process of placing orders in force,
  • you may enter into a contract with KIR for a fixed or indefinite period of time,
  • KIR offers an option to pay for the service once it is provided, without the need to make any prepayment,
  • upon request, KIR delivers and installs the set and provides training in the use of the certificate.

A set to generate the qualified Szafir digital signature is the only such service offered by the institution operating within the banking sector, which confirms its highest quality and safety.

KIR offers banks a solution that allows to replace paper documents with electronic ones in communication with the clients. Digital documents are properly secured and have the same legal effect as their paper counterparts. With digital signature the bank may secure all information transmitted via electronic banking and sign credit contract in the electronic form.

What does the set for the creation of the Szafir digital signature offer its users?

  • undeniable confirmation of identity – our qualified Szafir digital signature has the same legal effect as the handwritten signature,
  • integrity – information sent electronically and bearing the Szafir digital signature is protected against changes,
  • uniqueness of signature – each digital signature is different for a given document and is closely related to the one for which it was created,
  • possibility to confirm the existence of a document at a given time – the document can be additionally time-stamped, obtaining the so-called certified date. We can be sure that a document marked in such manner existed at the time indicated by the date.