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Express Elixir

Do you want to send money immediately to a close person, a company or an institution? Do you need to make rapid outstanding payments or avoid delays in repayment of a loan instalment or a credit card? It is now possible thanks to the Express Elixir instant transfers. With Express Elixir within even a few seconds you can safely wire money from bank to bank, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year, including weekends and holidays

Why use the Express Elixir instant transfers?

  • availability – you can make the Express Elixir transfer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays,
  • speed – the Express Elixir transfer is executed immediately (in most cases funds are transferred from bank to bank within a few to several seconds), therefore, it is an optimal solution in a situation where time of sending the money to the recipient is of the essence,
  • simplicity – simply log into your on-line banking account and make the payment,
  • high transaction limit – PLN 100,000,
  • security – the operator of the Express Elixir system is KIR, an institution that has been responsible for the proper conduct of clearings between banks for 25 years.

Forgot to pay a bill? Has your credit card payment due date expired and accruing interest is added each day? Do you want to send money to a close person immediately? Use Express Elixir, the instant money transfer service.

It is an ideal situations when time is of the essence or when a transaction requires immediate payment – for example, when buying a used car, at a notary's office when acquiring real property, or to speed up the shipment of goods purchased on the Internet.

The Express Elixir immediate transfer is as easy to make as a traditional bank transfer order.

Just log on to your on-line banking and select the appropriate transfer option. Once the transaction is accepted, the recipient receives the money within even a few seconds. This is the fastest and completely safe type of transfer. Check if you can transfer money instantly with Express Elixir in your bank.