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Did you know that the invoices from the providers of mass services (electricity, telephone or tuition at the university) may be available on your on-line banking account and you can pay them with a single click? The Invoobill service allows you to quickly and conveniently settle the bills that require recurring payment. The service is available to 98 percent of the on-line banking clients.

Why pay e-invoices using the Invoobill service?

  • reliability and security – recurrent bills for electricity, telephone, tuition at the university, etc. are delivered to and can be paid directly from your on-line bank account. Your bank and KIR, the service provider, are responsible for the reliability and security of the system.
  • convenient and modern – with Invoobill you can pay all your bills in one place, with just one click. All you need to do is to log on to the on-line banking system and accept the payments which are to be made. You do not need to remember various logins and passwords to electronic customer services of different providers.
  • full control over expenditure – payments are always presented on time and can be made only after approval. Nothing can be done without your knowledge and permission.
  • ecology – by resigning from receiving paper invoices, we care about the natural environment, which is our common good.

Did you know that your on-line banking account allows you to easily and conveniently make payments for electricity, telephone, tuition at the university and other mass services?

Almost each bank client, who uses the on-line account, has access to the Invoobill service which allows to pay monthly obligations with just one click. Thanks to it you do not have to remember various logins and passwords to electronic customer services of different providers. With Invoobill e-invoices are delivered directly to your on-line bank account. All you need to do is to log in, choose the appropriate tab and accept the transaction with one click.

Thanks to Invoobill you have complete control over expenditures and you will avoid late payments due to a lost bill. Invoices are always presented on time and the transfer can be made only after your acceptance, which gives you more control over expenditures than in case of direct debit. What is important, by eliminating paper invoices from the dealings with your service provider, and by paying with the Invoobill service, you also protect the natural environment.


Diagram description:

  1. A service provider (telco, power or gas distribution company, Internet service provider or cable television provider, etc.) instead of sending envelope with a bill or invoice and other printed materials to the client, sends the documents in electronic form to KIR.
  2. KIR, being the Invoobill operator offering services to various service providers and banks, groups the collected data and makes it available to the bank
  3. The bank presents the data received from the Invoobill system to the client via its Internet banking system.
  4. The client checks the presented data and accepts (or rejects) the payment.
  5. The bank informs KIR about the status of the processing procedure referring to a specific document, including whether the payment was accepted or rejected.
  6. KIR groups information received from the banks and transmits it to the service providers in an agreed format.
  7. The transfer of funds corresponding to the paid bills and invoices from the client’s bank to the bank of the service provider is made using standard procedures via the Elixir system or as an internal transfer.