SWIFT Services Unit
Business line for inter-bank clearing

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SWIFT Services

Choose one universal method of communication with all the banks in the world – get rid of multiple electronic banking interfaces and replace them with a single one – SWIFTNet. The platform, based on the idea of "one window", provides automation and advanced management of your company's financial liquidity.

With SWIFTNet your company has the opportunity to exchange business information with more than 11 thousand banks and other financial institutions and companies around the world, any time – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. SWIFTNet also provides the highest level of security which guarantees the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of transactions.

Migration from multiple platforms, standards and protocols to a single SWIFTNet platform.

KIR, the only SWIFT Service Bureau in Poland, offers access to the SWIFTNet platform "on the spot", without the need to carry out complicated IT implementation projects. We also provide conversion services that are necessary if your back-office application does not support the SWIFT MT/MX formats or supports them only partially. They allow transformation between proprietary and SWIFT formats (MT, MX), extending the content of messages and data mapping.

Why to co-operate with KIR?

  • cheaper access to SWIFTNet,
  • security and reliability,
  • rapid implementation,
  • technical support,
  • high quality of services,
  • access to a full range of financial services.

As a company, by co-operating with KIR, you can get access to various financial services provided by SWIFT:

  • Cash and liquidity management
    Through a single platform you get access to information on transactions and cash balance from all banks that keep your accounts.
    - Global financial standards used by SWIFT improve communication between the company and the bank.
    - Information about the cash balance is available on an ongoing basis, enabling better liquidity management.
    - SWIFTNet FileAct service offered by SWIFT enables secure file transfers, and also, with the Payment Factory solution activated, allows corporations to centralize and automate all payments and receivables, both domestic and foreign.
  • Financial Risk Management
    SWIFT messages support, e.g.: money market transactions, confirmation of foreign exchange transactions at the daily rate, currency options, interest rate futures and equity swaps.
    - SWIFT offers centralized validation and allows real-time exception handling, which reduces operational risk.
    - By automating the complete cycle related to a commercial transaction, SWIFT also allows to reduce operational risk.
  • Single access platform with a package of additional services
    SWIFTNet allows you to use a wide range of business solutions, such as handling of commercial and securities market transactions, as well as exception and complaint handling.