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Our reality is digital. We are active on social media, we buy online, we pay mobile, we use remote services. We move our private affairs, but also our contacts in state-citizen relations, to the web. Technology is increasingly reshaping the world around us.

Digitalisation gives us tools that make life more convenient and environmentally friendly but it also brings an increase in cyber threats. That is why security is always our priority - along with quality and reliability.

The KIR was created to use technology in modern solutions built for the banking sector. We have come a long way in three decades, becoming a company of strategic importance to the national economy. The company behind the success of many technological transformations.

  • The systems launched by the KIR, which handle interbank transactions, provided the technological foundations for the development of electronic banking as we know it today. Today, using the Elixir, Euro Elixir or Express Elixir systems, customers of banks operating in Poland make tens of thousands of transfers in PLN and euro every day.
  • Along with our experience in the area of digitalisation of the Polish payment system, we have gained unique knowledge and competences which we use in the design of state-of-the-art digital solutions. For the needs of public institutions and leading companies, representing sectors such as banking, finance, insurance, leasing, medical services, telecommunications or energy, we provide innovative tools for the remote confirmation of identity and the electronic signing of documents. Thanks to mojeID and mSzafir, millions of people in Poland can do their business online, at a time and place convenient to them, and companies can streamline time-consuming HR, sales, procurement or logistics processes.
  • An integral part of our strategy is the development of products and services based on the state-of-the-art technologies, such as blockchain. To ensure transparency in formal communications between organisations and their partners and customers, we have launched a Durable Medium service, guaranteeing that a document has existed in a given shape at a given time and has not been altered without the knowledge of either party.
  • Together with partners from the banking, IT and non-governmental sectors, we support the development of Poland's financial innovation ecosystem by providing companies with the opportunity to test their own solutions, based on blockchain technology, free of charge in the environment of Poland's first technology sandbox, Sandbox Blockchain.
  • Since our inception, we have sought to respond to the challenges of technological developments and legal changes. We are focused on providing tools that digitise entire processes, following an 'end-to-end' approach. We are also building sectoral security standards, creating systemic solutions that comply with current regulations in the areas of anti-fraud and identification of customer identity and activities.
  • Committed to the quality and safety of our services, over the years we have gathered experience and built trust with our partners. As a result, today we efficiently deliver technologies that are closely tailored to specific needs. Our solutions help others to unlock the potential of their projects and implement innovations. We bring together different market players, sharing knowledge and competences tested in practice. We believe that cross-sectoral cooperation among many actors is the key to further sustainable development of digital services in Poland.

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