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KIR’s strategy for 2023-2025

Powerful team, joint achievements

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We will remain a key player in the Polish payment system, providing comprehensive, secure and reliable settlement services in PLN and in EUR. We will be one of the main partners supporting the Polish banking sector in the dynamically changing world of new technologies and open banking as well as in the security challenges of the entire sector, providing safe and reliable services, which meet its needs and expectations.
We will be a partner supporting the process digitisation in the economy and taking actions to increase the digital awareness of Poles.
A sustainable, value-based organisational culture will allow us to achieve strategic goals with high employee satisfaction, positioning us on the market as a valuable employer.


KIR is a key player in the Polish payment system, providing comprehensive clearing services in PLN and EUR. We actively support the Polish banking sector in the use of new technologies and open banking. Using the latest technology, we develop and deliver solutions that effectively help business partners unlock the potential of their projects and implement innovations. We support the digitalisation of the economy by ensuring the quality, reliability and security of digital services.

KIR's new strategy for 2023-2025 remains directionally consistent with the actions taken to date. It is a continuation of the consistent strengthening of KIR's position as an important player in the infrastructure of the Polish payment system, supporting the development of secure digital processes in banking, economy and administration. It is also the company's response to dynamic technological changes, shifting customer expectations, the market environment and social trends. KIR focuses on developing and using innovative solutions, taking joint responsibility for increasing the level of digitalisation and promoting the digitalisation of business processes.

The Strategy for 2023-2025 focuses on:

  • ensuring top standards of security and reliability with regard to the services provided, including in particular those affecting the efficient functioning of the Polish payment system,
  • extensive and intensive commercialisation of services already on the growth path, including enhancing their attractiveness through the development and modification necessary to best meet customer needs,
  • bringing to market new services designed by leveraging the existing resources, experience and relationships, meeting identified customer needs and responding to market-led technological and business trends.

The new strategy is based on four pillars:

  • Pillar I: Comprehensive clearing services in PLN and EUR,
  • Pillar II: Electronic identification and trust services,
  • Pillar III: Services in the areas of anti-fraud, AML, KYC and secure information exchange,
  • Pillar IV: Services supporting modern payments and innovative services to strengthen the digitalisation of the economy.

KIR's strategy is embedded on strong foundations created by human capital, advanced technologies and mature processes, as well as by research and development. It also builds on KIR's past performance and the company's established market position.