Express Elixir

First instant payment clearing system in Poland

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Express Elixir for your bank

A professional instant payment system is an essential part of your bank's digital offering. As a participant in the Express Elixir system, you provide your customers with an instant transfer service with the transfers processed in real time. KIR guarantees the uninterrupted availability of the system – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also on public holidays.

Express Elixir is a modern service, a simple and intuitive solution, delivered with attention to quality and security throughout the transaction handling process. Let us take care of your customers' satisfaction.

How does Express Elixir work?

Express Elixir enables instant transfers, including those ordered by the bank's customers via BLIK. The service is intuitive to use - simply select the appropriate option when ordering a standard transfer or transfer funds using BLIK to a phone number. The Express Elixir System operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also on weekends and public holidays. The manner in which the Express Elixir service is available at your bank is up to you. You can enable your customers to make express transfers via online banking, an application or to a phone number - using BLIK, but also in a stationary manner. The fees for express transfers are set individually by each bank. The Express Elixir system is available on a continuous basis, 24/7/365.

  • a few seconds

    to complete a transfer

  • 228 mln

    transactions settled in 2022

  • 147 bn PLN

    transaction value in total in 2022

  • 1st

    instant payment system in Poland

  • 100 000 PLN

    single transfer value limit

  • 10 years

    of KIR experience