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Express Elixir for your company

Make yourself comfortable in a world of digital solutions. With Express Elixir, you can make urgent transfers instantly and the funds transferred to your company's bank account will be in your account in real time. You can manage your liquidity more effectively, speed up the delivery of services and meet your obligations at the most convenient time for you.

The Express Elixir system is available 24/7, also on public holidays. It is the optimal solution when time is of essence.

What will the company gain?


The Express Elixir system is widely available – 25 commercial banks and more than 450 cooperative banks have implemented it. Express transfers can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and public holidays. Availability conditions may vary from bank to bank. Check availability and transaction limits for Express Elixir transfers at banks.

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The Express Elixir instant transfer system provides high transaction limits. The system does not impose a limit on the daily number of transactions. Check availability and transaction limits for Express Elixir transfers at banks.


Your security is taken care of by KIR, a company with 30 years' experience in interbank settlements. The money you transfer does not leave the banking sector, it is transferred without the involvement of intermediaries.

  • a few seconds

    to complete a transfer

  • 228 mln

    transactions settled in 2022

  • 147 bn PLN

    transaction value in total in 2022

  • 1st

    instant payment system in Poland

  • 100 000 PLN

    single transfer value limit

  • 10 years

    of KIR experience