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E-sign with mobile application

Sign documents on any device, in any format

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mSzafir for you

It is a qualified electronic signature with which you sign documents fully online. With mSzafir on your mobile application, tablet or computer, you will securely sign an employment contract, power of attorney or annex, keeping them fully legally valid. Less time to sign, print and post - more time for you. If you sign a lot of documents, you can choose a long-term certificate with a specific signature limit. Don't want to buy a signature for a year or two? With us, you can also generate a one-time certificate, confirming your identity online from anywhere, on any device with internet access.

More about mSzafir e-signature

How does mSzafir function?

With mSzafir in a few simple steps you can sign a document in PDF format (excluding interactive PDF forms) or any other format supported by any signing application. mSzafir is the only qualified electronic signature in Poland that you can purchase fully remotely, without visiting a branch. The signature is available in two variants: one-off and long-term - available for 1 or 2 years, with a chosen limit of the number of signatures.

  • You will sign an employment contract or annex
  • You will complete the formalities with your bank or insurer
  • You will grant a power of attorney
  • You will execute a sales and purchase contract

What will you gain with mSzafir?

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By signing documents digitally, you gain free time and save money. It is up to you whether you choose a one-off signature once in a while or buy a package with more signatures for longer. You will do all this fully remotely - just confirm your identity using the free mojeID service.


mSzafir is a tool that makes everyday life easier. Sign private, business and official documents, from your own phone, tablet or computer, anywhere, anytime.


The top standard of the service is ensured by KIR, one of the leading qualified trust service providers. mSzafir meets the requirements of the eIDAS regulation and is also recognised in all EU Member States.

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When you choose mSzafir, you choose convenience of use. Signing the document is done in a few simple steps and will only take you a moment.

  • fully

    online purchase and signing

  • we are the only

    in Poland to offer the possibility of purchasing a single signature

  • no

    visits to branches - mSzafir can be purchased fully remotely

  • up to 75 %

    lower costs of document handling

  • 20

    documents signed at the same time

  • 100 % reliability

    • Project of the Year 2020 title - awarded by the Polish Bank Association
    • the title of the Fintech 2020 Project of the portal