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Ognivo System

Online communication for the office

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Ognivo System

Ognivo enables efficient and secure online communication between banks and cooperative savings & credit unions and entities authorised to obtain information covered by banking secrecy and professional secrecy of cooperative savings & credit union, such as judicial and administrative enforcement authorities. The application allows for a significant improvement in the exchange of information between system participants and for reducing the cost of communication, which traditionally took place via paper forms. Ognivo contributes to a significant reduction in the time of information circulation, and also allows for real savings due to the resignation from traditional, paper correspondence. Eliminating traditional correspondence means optimizing processes and a nod to ecology.

What will the office gain?

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The Ognivo service available in the Information Security Management System of KIR has a certificate confirming the implementation and application of the information security requirements within the organisation.


Ognivo facilitates the identification and addressing of documents to the appropriate units in banks responsible for handling specific cases. In this way, the service supports the current activity of the office.

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Ognivo eliminates paper correspondence between banks, cooperative savings & credit union and authorized public administration units, which allows you to reduce costs.

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Improving the information transfer method. Internal communication in the office and contacts with petitioners are even simpler and faster.