Elixir – electronic interbank clearing system that allows to make money transfers in PLN, crucial for the smooth operation of the Polish banking sector.

Express Elixir

Express Elixir – clearing system that allows to directly make immediate money transfers.

Euro Elixir

Euro Elixir – electronic interbank clearing system for Euro payments, which processes domestic and cross-border transfers between banks.


Ognivo – service that allows for the electronic exchange of information between the participants of accounting systems and the institutions co-operating with the banks.

SWIFT Services

SWIFT – KIR offers services to banks which include providing and supporting links to SWIFTNet (SWIFT Service Bureau) and technical support in the implementation of IT projects related to banks' SWIFT infrastructure.


Paybynet – rapid on-line payment service that allows to effect on-line payments directly from the client's bank account to the bank account of an on-line store or a government office.


Szafir Digital Signature – a solution that allows banks to replace paper documents with electronic ones in their communication with the clients.


Emir – service allowing the bank to completely eliminate transfers effected in a paper form from its internal circulation.