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Information Exchange Centre

Data transfer

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The efficient exchange of information is at the heart of modern, secure banking. As digital transformation intensifies, so does cybercrime and unfair business practices. Technologically advanced systems that facilitate the collection and cross-sectoral exchange of centralised data on suspicious financial operations are becoming crucial for cyber security. At KIR, we are meeting these challenges by providing tools to counter fraud and money laundering. Our solutions such as, Ognivo or the Sector Service Centre SCU-AML, using technology, artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms, allow us to perform analyses in a fast and systemic manner. This provides better protection for the sector as a whole and, at the level of individual banks, it is possible to significantly reduce the costs incurred by banks or financial entities in meeting their statutory obligations to detect illegal transactions.



It is a system, which enables efficient and secure online communication between banks and cooperative savings & credit unions and entities authorised to obtain information covered by banking secrecy, that is judicial and administrative enforcement authorities. The exchange of information via Ognivo is free of many formalities, which were a necessary element of paper document circulation. Eliminating traditional correspondence means optimizing processes and a nod to ecology.

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Central Account Information

Central Information is a functionality, which enables individuals and authorised entities indicated in the Banking Law to obtain aggregate information on accounts in banks and in cooperative savings & credit unions. KIR has been providing this service to banks and cooperative savings & credit union since 1 July 2016.

The solution enabling access to information on accounts of deceased persons, "forgotten" accounts of individuals and accounts of persons indicated by the court, police or other authorised bodies. This tool is obligatory for cooperative savings & credit union unions.


AML Sectoral Service Centre

The AML Sectoral Service Centre is a partnership venture between KIR and the Polish Bank Association, aiming to provide a catalogue of services to support AML/CFT processes in banks - mainly KYC and CDD based on sectoral data sharing.
The idea behind the sectoral data exchange is to strengthen the resilience of the banking sector as a whole and protect it from being used for criminal purposes. The development of the range of services provided by the AML SCU will provide real support to the banking sector in the area of standardisation of relevant AML/CFT activities. In the future, once the core range of services has been implemented, the framework for the target format of the SCU AML, i.e. the provision of services in an outsourcing model, will be established.

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