mSzafir integrated with the Inperly application. Billennium has established cooperation with KIR

mSzafir 05/10/2022
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Billennium, a Polish company developing IT solutions for business, has implemented in its Inperly application the qualified electronic signature mSzafir to sign e-documents on the Microsoft Teams platform.

Inperly, or ‘in person, remotely’, is an application that supports remote customer service, sales and internal processes in organizations. It enables verification of a user identity and signing documents with qualified electronic signature using Microsoft Teams. The implementation of mSzafir in Inperly application provides customers of the largest banks operating in Poland, including PKO Bank Polski (plus Inteligo), Bank Pekao S.A., mBank and ING Bank Śląski, with the possibility of signing documents remotely. Until now, Inperly offer was limited to the verification or submission of a personal electronic signature based on a Polish ID card with an electronic layer.

mSzafir is an innovative, fully digital version of a qualified electronic signature, that is equivalent to a handwritten signature and has equivalent legal effects. It is offered by KIR in two variants – a single-use certificate or a long term certificate, valid for one or two years. Unlike the standard version of e-signature, mSzafir does not require any physical equipment such as cards and card readers. KIR's service, enabling purchase of a single-use qualified certificate online, is the first solution of this type in the Polish market. Each signature is equipped with a timestamp, ensuring long-lasting evidence value.

As a result of mSzafir implementation, Inperly users can:

  • sign documents remotely with a qualified single-use signature, and in the process have their identity confirmed via electronic banking,
  • use their own mSzafir qualified certificate if they already have one.


How to use the mSzafir qualified signature in Inperly?

An Inperly user can share a document to be signed with a customer, stakeholder or another employee. The recipient receives a link to the document saved in the cloud, along with the instructions on how to sign the document using mSzafir or an e-ID. In order to sign a document with mSzafir, one can use their own qualified mSzafir certificate, or generate a single-use certificate using mojeID for remote identity verification. It is worth noting that having Teams messenger installed on the device (or using an on-line version) is only required on the side of the sender.

 A single-use qualified electronic signature mSzafir is by far the most convenient form of signing documents online – the fastest, very intuitive and secure. Apart from confirming of one’s identity via electronic banking, there are no other actions required on the recipient’s side. This is worth bearing in mind, especially with regard to sales, where too complicated purchase process often results in increased number of abandoned carts. The use of Inperly can improve the customer experience and increase the efficiency of remote customer service, while maintaining personal contact between the consultant and the user. With our application, any company can transfer to the digital world their business processes and the associated workflow of documents exchanged with external and internal recipients  concludes Tomasz Goźliński, Inperly Product Owner.

 Running a business in a digital reality requires safe and trusted, tailor-made solutions. Particularly appreciated are those that allow processes to be carried out completely remotely. Thanks to the integration of mSzafir and the Inperly application as part of the Microsoft Teams platform, companies can now achieve a new quality in customer service - says Elżbieta Włodarczyk, director of the Electronic Signature Business Unit at KIR.  Among the benefits provided by an electronic signature, our customers mention convenience and real savings of time and money. Replacing paper with a digital service has an ecological dimension as well – the company not only reduces their expenses, but also shows concern for the environment. The growing popularity of the service is evidenced by data: in 2021, we issued 2 times more long-term mSzafir e-signatures than in 2020 – she adds.

In 2021, mSzafir won the Digital Excellence Award in the Digital Strategic Perspective category.


Use of Inperly

Inperly application effectively supports any process that requires remote verification of the user's identity and applying of electronic signature - by customers, new employees or stakeholders, as well as for internal purposes. The solution created by Billennium can be used by any company, that operates commercially online - to conclude remote contracts, purchase products and services, also in cases requiring a high level of data security. Complementary area of use is the public sector - city and municipal offices, state institutions or the judiciary can use Inperly for submitting and receiving applications, letters, lawsuits or servicing residents, and higher education institutions for processing remote recruitment documentation, delivering consents and declarations with electronic signatures or verifying identities of students to be examined.



Billennium is a team of more than 1,800 IT professionals that have consistently pushed the boundaries of technology to deliver innovative IT solutions for business since 2003. Our offices are located in Poland, Germany, Canada, Malaysia and India. Over 19 years of experience gained in cooperation with more than 100 customers allowed us to develop a flexible and optimal model of follow-the-sun (24/7/365) cooperation. Thanks to it we make a real impact on the development of our partners' organizations. We employ only the best IT professionals with an innovative approach to creation of IT solutions, constantly focusing on the real needs of our customers.

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KIR, as a banking sector infrastructure entity, has been in charge of the maintenance and development of interbank settlement systems for 30 years. For more information on the company's activities since its establishment by the National Bank of Poland, the Polish Bank Association and 16 commercial banks, visit:

KIR is also a technological hub supporting the construction of the digital economy. It creates solutions for secure information exchange and open banking, electronic identification tools and trust services: remote identity confirmation - mojeID and qualified electronic signature - mSzafir. Among the company's latest projects are a durable means based on a unique combination of blockchain technology, WORM, cloud solutions and trust services, as well as a free Blockchain Sandbox for testing and accelerating business ideas.

Through the latest technologies, KIR provides services that effectively help business partners unlock the potential of their projects and implement innovations.

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